Szasz Walker Family Homestead
Szasz Walker Family Homestead
Little beauties from Beth's garden πŸŒΏπŸ’š
Szasz Walker Family Homestead
Szasz Walker Family Homestead
Soft fluffy dreamy alpaca fleece
Szasz Walker Family Homestead
Szasz Walker Family Homestead
That's only about a fifth of the marrows overflowing from the garden
Szasz Walker Family Homestead
Szasz Walker Family Homestead
Weird day today. The acting Director of Strategy, Community and Development of Snowy Valleys Council got angry and hung up on me mid-sentence. Then he told me I was harassing him and never to contact him again.

Problem is, he's the Responsible Director in Council who is legally required to handle my request. πŸ€”

So now I've been escalated all the way to the General Manager for a simple matter of roadside verge spraying. Come on Snowy Valleys Council, are you really this terrible?

We have so many great things going on in our shire, we deserve better than this. Check out the big environmental engineering marvels we're taking on in the next few years:

- Snowy 2.0 "the renewables battery"
- Brindabella Road
- Snowy Mountains Forestry Hub

And there is so much potential in our valleys for positive growth in natural farming, environmental tourism and family homestead economy more broadly. It's the only part of the whole southeast that is still looking green and healthy after this dreadful season. We need serious planning for land value increases, healthy subdivisions, and correct design of new settlement growth in our beautiful mountain landscape.

To manage this exciting growth period properly, we urgently need Council staff that are competent in their role. That means rapidly educating this lot, or replacing them with better personnel. Can I talk with the Head of HR? How the hell do these people get hired?

Follow the link to read the full text of my letter to Sue Ivill, assistant to the General Manager of Snowy Valleys Council πŸ‘πŸŒ²


We do not use machines.
We do not use chemicals.
We love each of our plants individually.
We let all the self-seeded beauties grow and be happy.
Our vegetables taste extraordinary.
Our wild seeds are stronger and more potent than what I ever found anywhere else.
We grow this land with our LOVE to make the Earth healthy again.
We are Szasz Walker