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Our family homestead

Welcome to our family homestead in the Internet realm. We are Kemble and Sári. Here you can read, watch and see our ideas becoming reality. Start a conversation by leaving a comment or following the social links. We are making a good future for people and planet.

What is a family homestead?

One hectare of land that is not to be bought or sold.
A dimension of love on Earth.
Land rights.
Family homesteads clean the environment and perfect the dwelling land.
Some call them родовое поместье, családi birtok, Familienlandsitz or something else.
Whatever you call it, each and every person must have a homeland on Earth.
The people must be given allocation of the land by popular agreement (“government”) of the people.
There is no taxation on primary produce.
Each homestead surrounded by at least 3m laneways maintained by the resident.

The whole landscape is permeable and can be walked through freely.
Family homestead settlement, 200 or more homesteads.
Meadow and forest between each settlement.
Rivers, springs and water bodies are held in common.
Joyful houses of clay, stone, timber, hay, grass clothing, mushrooms, woods, berries, fields, fruit, roots in the ground, honey in logs.
Furry little animals as friends and helpers; strong and healthy big animals to travel and work.
People own land; each owns land.
Each household / homestead is at least 1 hectare (10,000 sq. m., 2.45 acres)

A way to grow all the food we need.
Zero pollution.
Ancestral livelihood.
A good society.
Restore the rites capable of preserving love in our families forever.
The natural planet world will both heal and cheer the Universe.

Where are all the Family Homesteads?

There are roughly estimated 500 settlements and some 30,000 people living in family homesteads. Most are in the Russian Federation, former Soviet Union and eastern Europe, with only isolated examples outside this region. They are united by their readership of Anastasia, the first volume of the “Ringing Cedars of Russia” series by Russian entrepreneur, Vladimir Megre. The most complete directory of family homestead settlements is hosted in Russia in the city of Vladimir, Vladimirskaya Oblast, administered by Maya Ladilova, who describes the books thus:

“The main idea of books, the perfection of our living environment through the creation of family homesteads, is set out in an exciting artistic form. The main heroine of books, a hermit of the Siberian taiga, Anastasia, shows the significance of this idea through philosophical parables about God, and the destiny of humanity. The leading universities of the world became interested in the ideas of books, and their unusual, effective presentation.” (read more:

At the Moscow State University Lomonosov, during the conference “Role and conditions of the development of Family Homesteads for the socio-economic transformation of Russia”, Professor and Head of Laboratory of the Faculty of Economics Andrey Kolganov presented the paper “Family homesteads and settlements as a promising socio-economic form”, in which he recommended the following:

1. Fund to financially support settlers of family homesteads

2. Technical (practical) support to train settlers in permaculture, natural building, business planning and other aspects of living on land

3. Economic and legal advice

He concludes,

“Nikolay Kalmykov, director of the Expert-Analytical Center of the Russian Academy of National Economy and Public Administration under the President of the Russian Federation, noted: ‘ … The very concept of “Family homestead” is very important, helping to strengthen inter-generational connection, nurture and support love for one’s native land.’ “

“Solving the issue of legislative support for the initiative to create family homesteads can give this movement a much broader scope. … But even the first steps in this direction, taken in extremely cramped conditions, and based solely on the initiative from below, already speak in its favour. “

(read more:

Evgeniy Savchenko, Governor of the State of Belgorod, said at the Fourth International “Ringing Cedars” Festival,

“Today we are witnessing a great beginning! The great beginning of the building of a new space, a new civilization, where there are no rich and no poor. Where there’s more love! We’ve walked around here, and we’ve seen for ourselves how many shining people there are here. And a deep bow to you, Vladimir Nikolaevich, the person who has altered our consciousness and continues to alter it. You deserve to be remembered for all time.” (read more

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