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A Happy Future Is Possible

Fire, locusts, blizzard, flood, drought, and yet we are still here and there are even positive signs among the chaos. The devastation of this season has caused great suffering and I feel for the people who have lost their homes and entire ecological habitats to unstoppable walls of fire that could reach, apparently, 70 metres high. We live in a turbulent moment of human history. Our population is at a radical peak and it’s almost mainstream to believe in imminent apocalypse.

In 2012, during my study at Columbia, I signed up for a senior seminar in sustainable development, around the time Americans thought the world would end because of a new Mayan epoch. Al Gore’s prophecy about ground zero flooding had just come true and there had been Katrina. Our major project was to identify a sustainability problem, analyse it and design a solution. I chose Koyaanisqatsi, apparently a Hopi name for the psycho-spiritual illness that infected colonists, the same illness that had appeared millennia earlier in the Eurasian civilisation which deprived its victims of knowledge of the Primary Sources. From what I read, it seemed the Hopi had understood the colonial mentality to be unsustainable, leading inevitably to self-annihilation. Alarmingly, it seemed that the colonial establishment either still hadn’t realised that or were planning to let the world burn – the professor admitted that space colonies were an active discussion among his super-rich acquaintances. Sadly this mindset still exists today, for example with air-conditioners that keep the rich cool while heating everyone else’s outdoor air.

At the same time, however, millions of humans are waking from our millennial slumber and turning their attention back to the natural earth. People are realising that we must transform our whole society. We must cease pollution and clean up the accumulated filth of generations. Every part of the economy, all our water, food, materials, electricity and waste systems are going to have to change. Work and employment will change. Government will change. Our world will change and it’s already changing.

Let’s surf this wave actively, seek to understand our actions’ cause and effect, think and plan our future into a flourishing environment.

We will live again in a land of bounty where the natural world proliferates and people live happily and in love, rich of the Earth. How do we make this perfect environment? Nature holds the keys, of course. But a new generation will also bring about a new epoch of civilisation. We will do it consciously. We will clean the natural environment and strive to meet the needs of all. We will ensure safety, prosperity and happiness for people and families in our and all countries. We will bring love into our families and relationships, raise our children amidst love and prosperity with sincere and positive hope for the future.

Are we going to make it? I am certain we are. Despite the horror of localised catastrophes, I believe the peak of this chaos may be passing soon. Our civilisation, uniting the aspirations of people on all continents, will figure out how to live sustainably in large numbers in various parts of the Earth. In my view, the “family homestead” is the key idea to return humanity to the Primary Sources. I believe that the “family homestead” idea will be the most popular on Earth. It contains the information necessary to perfect the environment. With this, humans will flourish forever on Earth or when our knowledge and ability reaches the required level – when we have mastered arrangements for our own native planet – we will have the opportunity to found new life on empty planets elsewhere.

But first we must achieve stability. We absolutely have the knowledge and ability to stabilise earthly civilisation. So let’s do it. Let’s happily witness the end of war and the beginning of a new epoch, fresh creation, born in people’s souls, to create their family homestead, perfect their little homeland on earth and live among the gifts of nature into a clean and happy future.

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