Nature — Humans — Civilization

Nature and its conditions are the arbiter of existence. In our living existence, Nature is what we must use as our guide to living and setting ourselves up in the Universe. Nature evolved all, don’t you see…? All and everyone and everything that’s here. There is no human superiority among the human types, period. None! […]

Truth about University

Truth about Universities Look, everyone’s going to have their own perspective, and this is mine. I spent 4.5 years at old establishment Universities (Columbia/Sydney) and left with a few conclusions along with plenty of baggage still to unpack. I’m sorry to say it’s not all that pleasant but I feel a duty to share my […]

A Happy Future Is Possible

Fire, locusts, blizzard, flood, drought, and yet we are still here and there are even positive signs among the chaos. The devastation of this season has caused great suffering and I feel for the people who have lost their homes and entire ecological habitats to unstoppable walls of fire that could reach, apparently, 70 metres […]

Why I Use a Mattock and Scythe

My priority is to improve the environment, the human habitat of earth. Humanist environmentalism — the perfection of our surroundings for the benefit of human life. Of course, we know that human life thrives best in cooperation with the natural world. We are all a part of it. The human environment influences everything we do […]

The strength of the fertile Earth

I am amazed by the power of the EarthAfter decades of abuse, our soil is still alive Bright pink worms hatch in compact clay Water cycles; grains sprout We love the little rains We welcome them, gratefulFrom ocean to mountain, rivers run to seaPlants store water on land and raise it to the skyWinds drift […]

Gardening / Farming

​My favourite farming techniques are called “do nothing natural farming” and “zero budget natural farming”. This is no joke, I researched and cited them thoroughly during my master of sustainability and after 15 mon​​ths on our land, I believe they are the most useful farming methods currently available. By farming I mean the focused production […]

Water security in Australia

Forests and healthy soil make rain. In reforested regions, the rainfall average increases, temperature decreases, and land fertility increases. It’s time to unroll some serious, naturally-driven landscape remediation in the broken Australian inland. We all know that water and land define the fate of nations, but it seems the day of reckoning has come for […]

Family Homesteads: More housing. More jobs. More growth.

14 May 2018 By Kemble WALKER A family homestead is a small plot of land, at least one hectare, that includes a house and a garden, a comfortable place for raising a family and for retiring in old age. It is a person’s homeland on Earth, supporting good health, scientific innovation and social well-being (Tsapkov 2016). It provides […]