Soil and Forest, not dams!

We can increase the water on land, but we must stop destroying the life of our plants and soils. A living natural environment stores water and encourages rain clouds to blow towards it. We can reverse this trend and we will. Think, people!

Why and how to reverse Global Warming

The steady rainfall will make it easy for ordinary people all through Australia to grow gardens and woods on their hectares, build their own houses, and feed and clothe their families.

Report from a living Rodoviye Pomestya

August 19, 2015. Vedrussiya, Krasnodar Krai Here at Vedrussiya village, there are more than two hundred rodovoye pomestie, arranged in about five glades of forty pomestie each. Some glades are larger, and some are smaller. They are interspersed with forest and connected by a dirt road. I have been on five rodovoye pomestie and seen […]

Our family homestead

Welcome to our family homestead in the Internet realm. We are Kemble and Sári. Here you can read, watch and see our ideas becoming reality. Start a conversation by leaving a comment or following the social links. We are making a good future for people and planet. What is a family homestead? One hectare of […]

Art and craft festival, Vedrussiya

August 19, 2015. Vedrussiya, Krasnodar Krai, Russia. Here at Vedrussiya, there are more than two hundred ancestral places, which are the little homelands where a couple live and sleep. In Russian they are called rodoviye pomestya, and they are arranged in about five glades of forty pomestya each. The village was founded by readers of […]

Conversation with My Son

18 March 2015 The evening sun lit up the edge of some large, dark clouds. I’d watched them come from the South. First the wind, then the birds’ calls. The rain was coming, and a good thing too. The pond would be full for the autumn community festival. With clear water, our family would be […]

Rodovoye Pomestie

August 19, 2015. Vedrussiya, Krasnodar Krai, Russian Federation The purpose of this article is to talk about Rodovoye Pomestie and to bring this idea into the English-speaking world. Rodovoye Pomestie is a new concept for the English-speaking world. First let’s look at the word, “Rodovoye”, and the fundamental, profound root, “Rod”. “Rod” refers to the […]