climate change

Climate fear and climate denial

The earth is in the midst of an ecological crisis. The monster facing children today is far greater their elders faced. The survival of nations is at stake. Thousand-year civilisations are falling.

In our settler land, the hundred-year experiment of environmental exploitation has left a dry wasteland of our inland. Much is dead and hopeless.

“It’s the worst we’ve ever seen.”

“We’re walking around dazed.”

Populations are dwindling in small villages and towns; the exodus began long ago. Climate refugees from the regions, moving to the cities, abandoning their land. So much for the food bowl of Asia.

University should have listened when I tried to talk about natural farming. Instead they laughed at me and wasted our time with blockchain logistics and patent-pending seeds.

Half the drinking water is already poison. Too salty, or algal sludge, rotting with the stench of dead 100-year old fish. They pumped our basin dry.

We all know the water is poison, even the council employee who lies and says it’s safe to drink. The council employee is hypnotised, complacent and evil. Did you read the Local Government Act?

This is getting faster. The dairies have closed in Queensland. Graziers are gambling. The African refugees gave up. This was all predicted. The troglodytes guffawed. But humans create the environment.

Humans create the environment.

And now the children are afraid. I’m 28 and I’m afraid. Many people are afraid. The fire season started early again. We’ve never seen anything like this before. The land has been burnt to oblivion. The land is dead.

We must repair the environment.

We must repair the environment.

The drought is still coming. The drought gets worse until we change. God bless they who survive. We’ve been saying this for decades now. Water, soil, seed, sun, microbe, insect, bird, beast and human beings all in the living cradle of plants. We tried to say, “Perfect the Environment”.

We tried to farm naturally, design a permanent culture, save traditional seeds. Life! The living world! Our habitat! Our home!


Many of us did listen; now we are a choir.

Repair the environment,

Protect the environment,

Perfect the environment.

Cease your destruction, people, or you will be destroyed. This is way bigger than you or me. This is happening no matter what any one human does or doesn’t do.

The future on earth is a blossoming natural oasis of love in families, radiating a collective human energy throughout the eternal cosmos.

The children are speaking out for their world. They are shockingly beautiful.

In the future there are family homesteads. Whole families live there, spirits and people. Children will no longer be afraid. The earth will bloom with shelter and food. Water will return to the soil and the sky. Then the children won’t be afraid any more. Our colourful paradise on earth. We must create it.

We must create it. We live in our future. Our future is already here.

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