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​My favourite farming techniques are called “do nothing natural farming” and “zero budget natural farming”. This is no joke, I researched and cited them thoroughly during my master of sustainability and after 15 mon​​ths on our land, I believe they are the most useful farming methods currently available. By farming I mean the focused production of food or fibre, enhancing the land’s natural productivity by human effort. 

My styles of farming are synonymous with gardening. My favourite gardening schools are the Diggers Club and Ringing Cedars family homesteads. Overall I find that the Ringing Cedars books assume a basic knowledge of gardening. Indeed many nations around the world are still comfortable with gardening as a source of food. Just one or two generations ago practically everybody grew fruit and vegetables for their own consumption. Historically it was only those who had been conquered in war and enslaved to the factories of the victors who had to work for their food. And hence the modern workforce? 

Let’s get back our gardens, people. They are the source of our food and the best insurance policy for uncertain times. Of course a garden is a long-term prospect so land tenure security is indispensable. Allotment programs commonly act to provide secure gardening space for urban residents, but we need more this generation. Let’s provide family homestead allotments in rural areas, too, where a family can support themselves and earn a livelihood in the regions. 

Family homesteads will underpin a new, sustainable fabric of agricultural productivity for the new Australian climate. I think we all understand that burning vegetation, ploughing and compressing soil, poisoning insects is a farmer’s death sentence. I look at some of the farmers going out of business this season and wonder if they are really surprised about the consequences of their own actions. Many bad farmers lose their land next year, and there will be a corresponding at surge of new, innovative stewards for a new emergent civilization in rural Australia. 

Sorry folks but we can’t just keep paying you money to wreck our environment. Time’s up, we are going to restore vegetation and soil fertility by planting light green trees now. The land will have to be divided and allocated in small portions >1ha to volunteers who will tend it carefully by hand. Water will be domestic, food garden and plantation only, with maximum reuse and recycling. Plantations will be light green trees, especially deciduous, which will cool Earth’s surface, attract rainfall, encourage humidity, and store water in soil and vegetation.

The reason to nurture life is somewhere beyond simple argument … Eventually a good dream will prevail and we will turn the desert green again. The environment is for everyone. Let’s perfect our environment.

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