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Nature — Humans — Civilization

Nature and its conditions are the arbiter of existence. In our living existence, Nature is what we must use as our guide to living and setting ourselves up in the Universe.

Nature evolved all, don’t you see…? All and everyone and everything that’s here. There is no human superiority among the human types, period. None!

Ben Sampson

It would be good if those clinging to “Western Civilization” would understand what degradation it represents compared with a truly deep understanding and relationship with Nature.

How do supporters of Western Civilization reconcile the destruction of our primary habitat with their apparent “enlightenment”? How about the widespread poverty and enslavement of its own citizens?

The main claim of Western civilization is technology. But technology is a means, not an end. It must be equipped with focus towards a specific project and purpose. Otherwise it’s just consumer rubbish… Most of what’s produced today. Technology is not good unless it does something good.

How to measure good and bad? Certainly not by the standards of Western civilization. For the few short millennia it has existed, it simply killed anyone who dissented with its goal of global destruction and conquest. The laws of modern nation states have only superficial correspondence with moral and natural law. Why would they? The supposedly great foundations of Western thought would more accurately be described as the psychopathic ravings of a highly detached, military-trained, slave-owning elite class, who had little understanding or experience of living in the natural environment of Earth, yet nonetheless aspired through horrific violent intervention to rule over people and extract taxes from their work. It is absurd to pretend Western civilization has anything at all close to a decent moral code.

How do real human beings measure morals? By the obvious objective constant: the Planet Earth, the human organism, plants, planets, Sun, stars, creatures… All the creations of nature… The actual reality that defines and determines our existence on the Earth.

Reality! Not crazy ideologies written in smelly, sordid cities centuries ago by over-trained political operatives!


Water. Will you have enough?

Food. Can you grow it?

Shelter. Is your space comfortable and secure?

Humans are the most extraordinary creature of nature, which unsurpassed ability to shape and influence the habitat of Earth. It is time to realise this! People forget the hubris mindset that our artificial creations are greater than the Creator’s. They’re not.

The natural world may be improved upon… Not by smashing up, desecrating the habitat made for us already, only to rebuild it more crudely. But by harnessing the energy of nature’s creations to create biological arrangements that are even more beautiful than the current earth.

We should be improving the surrounding habitat by our actions. This is the measure of a good moral code. Does it cause actions that make the world more beautiful clean, fertile, lovely, abundant, comfortable, pleasant, flourishing?

Today’s global civilization has a degraded moral code which results in the opposite effect. A human habitat that is ugly, polluted, degraded, unpleasant, infertile uncomfortable and barren. This describes all the unfortunate places on earth that have been most touched by Western civilization. These effects are its hallmark.

It is a key message for people who still believe in the West as the pinnacle of civilization. It’s not. In fact, it is a pinnacle of degradation in human history on Earth…

But not to despair. By conscious effort and sincere intention, humans can achieve many things. It is a lot of work to completely redesign our entire civilization, actually taking into account, you know… the place we live, and stuff… like the planet Earth ….

Isn’t it weird that people have been building a society that does not consider the planet?

We fr8king live here, people! What the where is your heads at? Too deep in the delusion of Western civilization.

It’s time to emerge. At least some people are thinking and designing to create viable new ways of living on Earth. As always, the present moment is unprecedented. We create the future with new experience never before known in the universe…

Let’s continue to create a new civilization on Earth, who’s purpose is to improve the habitat around us. Improve nature, improve life, improve ourselves. That’s how it works.

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