Shirtmaking workshop


Following the success of last year’s workshop, we are returning to the Off-Grid Living Festival, 4-5 May 2019 in Eldorado, Victoria. See below for full details.

Price includes:

  • 2 metres of ethically woven Lithuanian linen fabric
  • needle and thread, yours to take home
  • workshop tuition to complete your shirt, approx. 2 hours (stay longer if you like)

About the cost: the fabric alone costs us $37.60. Unfortunately there are no mills in Australia currently processing ethical plant fibre. We think this a good deal.

Concessions are definitely available, especially for last year’s participants. We can also arrange different (cheaper) fabric if you prefer. Please be in touch. 😃 👕 🌲☀️

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Make your own traditional shirt. Measure, cut and sew linen fabric (provided) into an earthy and wholesome piece of clothing using traditional techniques that connect us with our ancestors.

Choose one of two styles:

1) scoop neck / V-neck (easier), or
2) kosovorotka, with skewed formal collar

I learnt this traditional method from a Vedruss master tailor in the Caucasus who showed me the full process of turning a handful of seeds into a shirt to wear, scything, retting, spinning, weaving, cutting and sewing.

The traditional textiles of Indo-Europe are hemp, linen, nettle and cotton. Our method makes the best possible use of fabric and is suitable for embroidery decoration.





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