Truth about University

Truth about Universities

Look, everyone’s going to have their own perspective, and this is mine. I spent 4.5 years at old establishment Universities (Columbia/Sydney) and left with a few conclusions along with plenty of baggage still to unpack. I’m sorry to say it’s not all that pleasant but I feel a duty to share my experiences for the sake of truth—I can’t stand the lies and deception any more, and it’s not right that Universities get away unchallenged in their delusions. This is tough piece of writing so a trigger warning (establishment/psychological control) is necessary.

Some observations:—

  • Universities are centres of institutional programming, where donors “sow” new ideas
  • Academia does not prioritise Truth or the Nation—instead it protects military industrial interests
  • Universities—especially residential colleges—are designed for maximum psychological manipulation, the graduation cap represents masonic “squaring the circle”
  • Graduation means shaking hands and locking eyes with the Dean—the Master of Programming/the Most Programmed—to inject a dose of hypnosis before unleashing the “graduate” on the unsuspecting public
  • Universities are deliberately, massively artificial, stone tombs, swamped with WiFi, devoid of wild natural space, detaching individuals as much as possible from the natural/real world
  • Groupthink occurs among students and professors due to constant surveillance: grading of papers, exams, academic review. There is fear of saying the “wrong” thing
  • Power is unnaturally concentrated at the “top of the pyramid” (academic/management hierarchy), such that the “higher controllers” need only influence a few individuals to affect the whole institution
  • Debt encourages student compliance before the first class is ever taken: money is the whip
  • Universities are themselves money-making schemes for massive business (psychological operations). Their sell access to their own ranks, but only for the most “successful” (compliant) students

The sad conclusion from 3 years at Columbia University in the City of New York, B.A. (Anthropology), is that the history of humanity has been deliberately distorted in order to delude the population into believing the Myth of Progress. In reality, human civilisation has devolved extraordinarily from its original pristine state.

In a low-population Earth, with zero industrial pollution and abundant nature, it is not hard at all to find enough clean water, fresh food and shelter to feed one’s family. It is the degraded natural environment and the parasitic monetary system that keep everyone scratching around to make a living. To free ourselves from this trap, we must create family homesteads that provide all the essentials for free, forever, and which heal us as we tend them.

I wrote about Family Homesteads at the University of Sydney Master of Sustainability, and gave several presentations. In a class about “Food and Water Security”, I talked about family food gardening in Russia over a slideshow of photos from the Family Homestead and Ringing Cedars of Russia movement. David Eyre from NSW Farmers was the guest that week, and after my presentation he gave me his card so I could publish a blog post on their website. The main point was that still today (2017 statistics), Russian family gardeners produce massive percentages of the basic national food supply—70-80% potatoes and some vegetables, 90% some berries. Most people in Russia appear to be skilled food growers with mature gardens… Ultimate food security. I followed up with David Eyre but got no reply. Perhaps he was busy with the subject of his presentation the same day: blockchain product tracing for the luxury Chinese market.

Hardly surprising. Another week in the same class, a genetic research scientist who works in Alexandria gave us a presentation that could only be described as a marketing pitch encouraging us to buy his new patented grain. It was mediocre, but got more surreal. At the end, another student, a young Russian woman, asked a question that was such a low-ball I actually wondered whether she was KGB (probably trying to be, but not yet, I concluded…).

“Why do people hate GMOs so much, like why don’t they understand that they’re safe?” she asked the “scientist” whose income depends on agritech grants. They chortled together and he feigned innocent bewilderment how anybody could be against his new lab product. Then he said it was “political interests” and “anti-science”.

Of course I raised my hand and mentioned Vandana Shiva, the 170,000 farmer suicides as a result of the “Green Revolution”, and that indigenous seed is more resilient to climate change. Prof was not happy. He blustered for a minute about my facts being wrong and this being some political crusade, but couldn’t offer any explanation for the evidence. When I began to respond, our other Professor stopped me, and that was the end. What a joke. Inconvenient facts are just ignored. Master’s Degree at the University of Sydney! Tell me what that degree’s worth? And look at this, 2 years later, and uprising against agritech destroyers in India:

I would not be recommending University to anybody, because I am not convinced their effect is positive. Everyone has their own destiny and free will is marvellous and mysterious, hey? But I think most people agree that practical skills, hand-on experience, friends, mentors and know-how are the most valuable treasures of an education. What if we thought about livelihood more than income… that Family Homestead again.

Where is the truth? The Primary Sources won’t be held down for long, and human experience is a primary source: direct evidence for the conclusions we draw. I did what I could to insert some truth into the University sphere, and I guess this is just my latest attempt. Because sadly I didn’t find much truth inside the Universities. There was a lot of uniformity, ideology and hallucination, a feeling of being coerced into components of a production line. But little of practical nature.

I learnt a lot more from traditional, indigenous cultures that value family, community, neighbourhood, living environment, Nature and Elders as the repositories of education, history and civilisation. The unprogrammed sources are more reliable. And guess what, everyone was one of those people not that long ago, before the technocratic system began to control our lives.

One step back to the garden, bit by bit… Thanks for reading to the end. May we speak honestly, and face the truth in order to discern the difference between right and wrong. Bí go maith agus fan slán

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