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Water security in Australia

Forests and healthy soil make rain. In reforested regions, the rainfall average increases, temperature decreases, and land fertility increases. It’s time to unroll some serious, naturally-driven landscape remediation in the broken Australian inland.

We all know that water and land define the fate of nations, but it seems the day of reckoning has come for many farmers around the parched Australian country. They flogged their land for 150 years, cut all the trees, ploughed the soil to dust, overstocked it every season they could get away with and now the land is dead. It is a new desert created by modern human beings.

Besides the environmental crime of destruction, there is the crime of missed opportunity. The inland of Australia could be a magnificent, beautiful, verdant, productive land, with creeks, ponds, rivers, wetlands, lakes, streams, springs, and soaks watering a patchwork of forest, meadow, woodland, farmland, villages, towns, and happy, healthy people. This is the dream of many, yet what should we do to create this ideal image?

Individual action must match policy and politics. People must guide government. Every action must be measured by the health of the Environment. That which improves the Environment is facilitated; what destroys it prevented. These must be the basic actions of government and citizen alike. The Environment provides everything. It is the foundation upon which society is lain. It is the primary producer in every terrestrial industry.

The Australian countryside has been murdered by criminal mismanagement over many years. Rainfall has declined along with vegetation and soil health. Temperature has risen, profitability fallen, debt increased to maximum. Bushfires are worse than ever before, literal fire and brimstone to herald the apocalypse. There is great change afoot.

We must restore the water cycle through mass plantation of light-coloured tree species, especially fast growing and deciduous. Provide an allotment of at least 1 hectare of land for any Australian citizen to adopt and restore it using best methods. Structure the program into an educational opportunity to inform broader implementation of the allotments.

By offering free land, people will be incentivised to adopt a hectare, plant trees and take care of them until they grow old. This is the cheapest and only workable method of reforesting the dry Australian countryside. The small available river or bore water that is available, must be used to restore vegetation and soil fertility. Pass the water through plants and soil before letting it evaporate. The plants and soil store water to help in dry periods. There is much more water storage in the soil than in any human-made dam.

Water is the paramount concern for Australia now and in the future. Lets start doing this properly, and regulating our water and land for the national interest. It will be a great relief when people stop destroying the landscape, and start repairing it back to good water and good health.

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