Why and how to reverse Global Warming

What is Global Warming?

We — my fiancée Sári and I — are living what many people call an unusual life, but we’re just ahead of our time. I’m confident you’ll see a lot more people living like this in the not-too-distant future, and not because we’re doing anything special. Just because most people at most times of human history have lived like this. Actually, we’re the normal ones, it’s everyone else who’s weird. But I’m getting ahead of myself. Let’s start at the beginning…

From the 1970s onward, science began to wonder whether the massive plumes of greenhouse gases belching into the air might, after a while, begin to affect the makeup of the gases in our atmosphere. This is an important question because the dynamics of our atmosphere determine how much sunlight is retained on Earth and how much is reflected or released back to space. 

Since that time, climate models have been hypothesised, tested and refined to deduce that carbon we have already emitted into the Earth’s atmosphere will cause about 2 degrees of warming of global average temperature, compared with pre-industrial levels. Given we have already measured 1 degree of global warming, the 1.5 degree scenario (recently popularised by an IPCC report) is impossible without rapid, widespread, drastic action to conserve all possible water, to massively increase the vegetable layer of Earth, and effectively air-condition the planet through evaporative cooling.

The vegetation layer of Earth provides much else besides sequestering carbon dioxide. It stores water for use in droughts, and absorbs it when there are floods. Just as a moist, hydrated vegetation cover will keep the Earth’s surface cool, the canopy also conserves heat during the night meaning that in a wooded environment, there is less heating and cooling required for comfortable living.

The vegetation layer also provides grain, vegetables, fruit, medicine, building materials, fibres for clothing and bedding, composting services, and pleasant surroundings in which to live our lives.

Despite the abundant, holistic benefit of conserving water and improving our vegetation layer, the climate change issue is—for whatever reason—framed almost entirely around atmospheric carbon dioxide as the sole culprit and target of our biggest efforts.

Carbon dioxide will have to do. Luckily it does alright as a proxy because every credible proposal for limiting CO2 in the atmosphere also involves massive afforestation, stopping deforestation, and generally huge increases in the availability of water and vegetation on the surface of the Earth.

Why reverse Global Warming?

For most people on Earth, global warming is bad news. It ruins rainfall cycles and makes it hard to grow the basic needs of life: grains, vegetables, fruit, medicine, timber and textile. Already there is talk of severe food shortages in the coming decades.

In reality, food shortages are already here. For whatever reason, modern technocratic society has proven unable to provide its people with clean or tasty food. The ingredients are increasingly artificial, and it’s the same with our other materials. Construction timber, for example, was once hard and long-lasting but is now soft and disposable. To be strong enough to hold up a house, it has to be cut into thin strips and reinforced with petroleum hot glue, or else reinforced with steel.

All our household items are flimsy now, just think of buckets, tubs, benches, wardrobes and beds, which are all also now made of chemical petroleum products that poison our bodies and pollute the environment. Everything in the technocratic world is toxic and polluting—it’s what defines it. The food supply is no exception.

So there are multiple motivations for “reversing global warming”. It could be to save, like Captain Planet swooping in to save the day, the poor of Bangladesh who are being literally slowly inundated by the Indian Ocean, their freshwater fields going salty, or those of Kenya, whose rain has not arrived this year and who very much depends on it for food, money and pretty much everything.

It could be to connect with the spirits of our ancestors, to feel the ancient, holistic universe, to commune with the people of Earth in sacred time, in ceremony and celebration, to accept the cosmic destiny that each of our souls have chosen, pre-arranged, to meet and configure ourselves perfectly in time and space so as to materialise on the Earth a new civilization based on love, with no rich or poor but simply happy families with resplendent gardens, a planet blossoming positive energy, where life is about not much more than truth, joy and love, eating from Nature on one’s family homestead. 

Or it could be to join the right side of history. To stand on the shoulders of the great civil rights movements of the past, to stand with the heroes of independence struggles, epic battles for the salvation of our homelands, to live and die with our homelands, our families and our people. Except this time, it’s a human rights struggle between the people and corporate greed, a monumental mass of people and communities evolving to a new level of consciousness, realising the futility of the technocratic path, and returning to the primordial garden.

What motivates us more than anything is to create something lovely for our children. Furthermore, we believe we will be reincarnated soon after our death and live here again. Thus we’ll be able to enjoy the magnificent garden we’re planting now in 100 and 200 years’ time. Whatever your reason, the basic technique for reversing global warming remains the same. Let’s move on to it now…

How to reverse Global Warming?

First, let’s consider three-dimensional space, the basic landscape of the planet, the set on which theatre Earth takes place. Some places have too much water, and others not enough. Some are too hot, others too cold, the soil here and there, etc. If our planetary civilization wants to keep on living, we need to re-arrange the natural elements of Earth into a better configuration, which is capable of feeding, clothing and housing 10-11 billion people indefinitely, in a perpetually stable way of life. (This is what “sustainability” really means but most people are too scared to think about.)

Such massive changes can never be made by some solo hero spraying their miracle solution all over the planet. Like any good organisation, we the people of Earth must optimally organise ourselves to each take responsibility for a small portion of our project. Thus, the Earth should be shared among each of the 10-11 billion people. And, it must be shared evenly, because otherwise some will be upset with others and fights could break out due to envy.

Each person or household should take control of a small portion of land, say 1 hectare, and there employ their attention to the conservation of water in whatever possible way. This may be by catchment of rain, or the rising of groundwater, but either way the water must be conserved in the vegetative layer, in order that the vegetation layer becomes more thick, carbonised, hydrated, and abundant with the basic products necessary for human life.

Over time, as each small parcel of land achieves equilibrium of water management, the greater landscape as a whole will become hydrated. The water cycle will return, bringing oceanic rain onto land, and then distributing the water evenly throughout our large country. The steady rainfall will make it easy for ordinary people all through Australia to grow gardens and woods on their hectares, build their own houses, and feed and clothe their families. Household carbon emissions would be practically zero, and the garden would sequester more than enough to compensate for historic emissions.

Besides, if the water cycle is stable, a few extra degrees doesn’t affect us too badly. In fact, anyone can do this on their own hectare without having to wait for government or some other action. Catch rain when it falls, and drip feed it onto the land during dry times, evening out the climate extremes. Let plants grow as much as possible, then prune them to create mulch that reduces evaporation and breaks down to enrich the soil. In less than one year, our field is already greener and softer than the neighbours’. The morning dew stays wet on the grass longer into each day. In future years, I would like to eliminate the need to water any plants, and keep a warm, steady temperature in the middle of our hectare. The water table should rise to create a trickling spring into a little pond I will build. These things are immensely humble and triumphant at the same time.

There is only so much I’m able to write about science, politics, debates, conferences, reports, investigations, royal commissions, policy costings, cabinet meetings and independent expert advice. Humans live on emotions more than anything else, and the endless, relentless circus of “the Westminster system of government” makes it impossible to dwell entirely in that majority mainstream world.

There is something that feels better about the world out here. I mean out here. Do you fit, through that wormhole, in the page? This is the world of ancient pagan nature. We create with the Earth and the creator of Earth.

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I have seen cities like Beijing choked by industrial pollution. Ancient Boreal forests in Canada that have been clear cut and rainforests in Indonesia that have been incinerated. In India I met farmers whose crops have been literally washed away.

In America I have witnessed sea level rise flooding the streets of Miami. In Greenland and in the Arctic I was astonished to see that ancient glaciers are rapidly disappearing well ahead of scientific predictions. All that I have seen and learned on this journey has absolutely terrified me.

The world is now watching. You will either be lauded by future generations or vilified by them. You are the last, best hope of Earth. We ask you to protect it. Or we – and all living things we cherish – are history.

— “Before the Flood”, Leonardo di Caprio

How can you buy or sell the Earth? These shores and forests will still hold the spirits of my people. For they love this earth as a newborn loves its mother’s heartbeat. Our God is the same God. This earth is precious to them. Even the white man cannot be exempt from the common destiny. We may be brothers after all.

— “How can you buy or sell the Earth?” Chief Seattle

The Reality seen through this camera is more real.

— Subcomandante Marcos

Growing your own food is like printing your own money.

— Ron Finley

If an elderly person, lying on their deathbed, thinks not about death, but instead imagines the living space they created in life, then they will be reborn anew. Whosoever builds a family homestead will begin to incarnate again and again. All that hinders them will disappear from the Earth for all time, giving way to a new, arising civilization.

A new civilization characterized by a new awareness, by new perceptions of the surrounding world. This great beginning, arising in modern humans and invisible to the ordinary eye, will start by changing the face of the whole planet called ‘Earth.’ It will affect the life of the entire Universe.

— “The New Civilization”, Anastasia and Vladimir Megre

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