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Why I Use a Mattock and Scythe

My priority is to improve the environment, the human habitat of earth. Humanist environmentalism — the perfection of our surroundings for the benefit of human life. Of course, we know that human life thrives best in cooperation with the natural world. We are all a part of it.

The human environment influences everything we do on Earth. A theatrical stage for the theatre of life. Every rise and fall of civilisations, every wiggle of economic indicators… The fate of entire societies depends on how we treat our s​​urrounding environment. In the long run, this becomes more and more obvious as our knowledge of natural history accumulates to the tipping point, and people reawaken to the primordial purpose of earth stewardship, of co-creation with nature and how to live on Earth as a beautiful flourishing garden.

One single material lifetime is expendable, replaceable. The cumulative virtue of the soul is more important to cultivate; it brings deep senses of truth, joy, love… It calms my spirit. As I stride towards my primeval self, life becomes easier, simpler, yet more complex and profound at the same time.

Living like our ancestors has many benefits. First and foremost, it reduces pollution and restores the natural landscape. These are the two major challenges of modern society, both solved by simply returning to the natural way of life, a lifestyle enjoyed by the majority of people for the majority of human history on Earth — family homesteads. Small subsistence properties with a vast variety of produce, plants, animals, arranged loosely in settlements separated by meadows, forests and wilderness.

I could analyse the cost-benefit, with peer-reviewed citations, if I had to, or repeat the scientific refrain that you must reduce consumption or the Earth will consume you. Maybe we should repeat that more until it properly sinks in. The facts don’t lie, people. Yet feelings are, perhaps, more important, or at least more reliable. They can’t be co-opted by commercial interests, sold and packaged as an ecoproduct. The fact is, people, return to the homestead or perish; anything else is not sustainable.

Sustainability! The queen of co-opted ecofashion, so malleably manipulated by faceless corporate greed, yet fundamentally majestic in her core definition — subtenere, to hold from below. In this day and age, it matters not only whether we can, but whether we should. The tide of human consciousness is turning, and a new civilisation is emerging from the smouldering decay of the technocratic age.

I will make a positive footprint on the Earth. I will do everything possible, everything necessary to make sure that my life results in a stabler climate, more reliable water cycles, more productivity, more landscape fertility… Against the tide, I will continue working every day to clean, repair and improve our surrounding environment. And the tide will turn. Soon the majority will be engaged in repairing our natural landscapes, because you can only run so far from the truth — the natural environment underpins everything on Earth. When it is healthy, we are healthy.

My ambitions, in order of importance: 

1) produce everything necessary for a full life, without pollution
2) cease pollutive consumption
3) develop policy / lifestyle to enable broad adoption of the same

Why? For a stable and viable future, we must protect, restore, perfect our surrounding environment, the human habitat of earth. Only amid confidence and optimism for the future can love flourish, can souls be at ease. Yet optimism is at a low. Our nation has been thus far incapable of creating a viable plan for the next hundred years. (The latest idea to address drought is to increase farmer debt by subsidising interest payments. wtf) There has to be a change of direction, a critical moment, a vital awakening of new consciousness, it is inevitable and it is already happening, in a spiral pattern, increasing in pulses.

As a nation, let’s develop a future plan people can believe in, and to do that we must look truth in the face. Cease to pollute, or the Earth will consume you. If we intend to avoid the “catastrophic” consequences of the ecological crisis, then we all (in Australia) must reduce consumption and develop new ways of providing for human needs with minimal pollution. That’s why I use a mattock and scythe.

This is the greatest issue of our time, because every sector of our world depends on it. Water, food, materials. Water… Water… Nothing on Earth escapes the influence of nature. We are all a part of it.

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